Our Boats

gondola_sliderThe Felze


Our cabin cover, or felze, is the perfect option to add a little privacy and intrigue to your gondola tour. Adorned with a symbolic mermaid, it is fully painted inside like a Venetian palace.  It has etched glass windows, sliding, wooded Venetian blinds, and an open door through which to enjoy all the lake’s views.

La Gondola


Il Sandolo


Our sandolo is a traditional Venetian vessel originally designed for the shallow waters of the Venetian Lagoon. The main distinction between a sandolo and a gondola is its size: while the sandolo seats only two passengers, a gondola can seat up to six. Just as intimate and romantic as a gondola, the sandolo is perfect for a couple’s tour on Lake Merritt.

Kelly Patrick Dugan Photography www.kellypatrickdugan.com
Kelly Patrick Dugan Photography